Alberta Volunteer Organizations

In Alberta, the non-profit/voluntary sector affects almost every element of communal life. There are around 26,200 charities and non-profit organizations in the industry, including:

The industry employs around 286,000 Albertans, while 1.9 million Albertans volunteer in various cultural areas. The voluntary sector provides over $5.5 billion to Alberta’s GDP (gross domestic product).

Moreover, many Alberta volunteer organizations collaborate with modern entertainment sectors, including online gambling. As you know, this generates significant revenue, and a portion of this income is now being directed towards charitable activities. Online casino donations help sustain and expand essential community services by supporting volunteer organizations. This collaboration between online casinos and the non-profit sector is a growing trend that provides a reliable funding stream for many organizations.

Voluntary Sector Governance in Alberta

Since 2007, the Alberta Non-profit/Voluntary Sector Initiative (ANVSI) has served as a collaborative platform for government and non-profit sector officials to:

Alberta’s Non-Profit Organizations

Alberta volunteers are diverse and inclusive members of the community. In addition to contributing to the welfare of the community, they are also dedicated to promoting volunteering and civic involvement in Alberta.

In recent years, volunteers have developed and changed in response to the sector’s ever-changing demands, working with rural and urban communities throughout the province. Being dedicated to improving, supporting, and increasing awareness of NGOs’ work and issues, volunteers are active, devoted, and influential in Albertans’ everyday lives.

Surprisingly, volunteers that come to work with us originate from different types of businesses and occupations. There are really no limitations to good deeds. These are some companies and organizations whose employees and representatives devote their personal time to charity work and volunteering:

This is evidenced by the many volunteer organizations
in the province ready to answer the call of those in need:

The High Level Fire Departmen

Volunteer firefighters are individuals who are committed to serving the community and have a high degree of ethics. Not only do they help provide fire protection, they also assist full-time firemen during big emergencies, and react independently to many requests for help. Volunteer firefighters aid the public with fires, rescues, medical assistance, hazardous materials, and a variety of other situations.

To become a professional volunteer firefighter and serve the community, applicants can visit an Alberta volunteer firefighters website or visit the organization:

Phone: 780-926-2201
Group of firefighters in protective uniform that is on station

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

CCIS is an NGO that assists all immigrants and refugees in Alberta with effective relocation and integration.

They have been a community leader since 1981, with extensive expertise in the design and implementation of comprehensive services for their newest neighbors. These services are provided by a dynamic multi-cultural, multi-denominational, and multi-disciplinary team of specialists who speak over 60 languages.

Phone: 403-262-2006

Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

It is a non-profit organization committed to animal welfare that is incorporated in the province. It enhances the quality of life for animals while interfering as little as possible with people’s lives. Their main goal is to improve the quality of life for animals, wild and domestic, starting with the local neighborhood.

Phone: 780-447-3600

Problem Gambling Resource Network

It is a non-profit organization targeted at providing problem gambling awareness, education, prevention, advocacy, and treatment referrals. The PGRN collaborates closely with Alberta Health Treatments and other related organizations throughout the province to ensure that all Albertans have access to high-quality, effective problem gambling services.

Phone: 780-461-1259

Red Deer Food Bank

The Red Deer Food Bank serves as a distribution center for 18 local food banks and over 30 non-profit organizations. Its mission is to fulfill the urgent food needs of those in need, while also working for long-term hunger and poverty solutions.

Phone: 403-342-5355

ALS Society of Alberta

The ALS Society of Alberta is a non-profit organization devoted to making every day better for persons living with and impacted by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It is Alberta’s sole non-profit organization dedicated to assisting persons afflicted by ALS, as well as supporting the national ALS research program.

Phone: 403-228-3857

Alberta Conservation Association

Since its foundation as a non-profit organization in 1997, ACA has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of conservation projects throughout Alberta, ranging from research on the world’s biggest animals to the protection of enormous swaths of valuable habitat.

Phone: 780-410-1999

TeamUp Science

This organization’s objective is to promote scientific imagination, curiosity, and leadership qualities of kids in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics via hands-on learning, mentoring, and networking, with a focus on Inner City, Rural, and Indigenous communities.

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